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About Us

About Uganda Mining Limited

UGANDA MINING LTD (UML), the company incorporated in the year 2011 as per the company’s act of The Republic of Uganda. The company was set up for the purpose of carrying out business of exploration and mining of minerals and available natural resources.

Uganda is located in the eastern part of the Africa, is rich in various minerals like iron ore, gold, tin, lime stone etc.  UML obtained Exploration Licence (EL No. 0879) from the Government of Uganda for exploring mineral resources located in 59.4 sq.KM  in Kinamiro Rugando , Butogota Sub county in Kanungu District.

High grade hematite iron ore reserves were identified within the area.  Extensive exploration and geological surveys were conducted to study the quality and quantity of iron ore available, to check the feasibility of operating the mines.

The company has purchased 105 hectares of land from the local people and obtained surface rights over the said land from the Government of Uganda.  After obtaining  environment  clearance from the statutory authority,  mining lease (ML No. 1170) has been granted to the company. This area has about 55 million ton reserve of high grade hematite  iron ore having Fe content of above 65%.


We prefer to prioritize quality rather than quantity, a commitment that allows us to focus on anticipating the needs of our clients so as to provide to them quality, reliable and consistent services. The physical properties of our African iron ore have enabled us to create niche products that enhance operational efficiencies for our steel making customers. This focus on sustainable partnerships drives all our initiatives so that UML can evolve from simply being an efficient miner of iron ore to becoming a value-adding strategic supplier of iron ore.

The needs and preferences of our customers drive everything we do at UML. We strive always to realize our goal of becoming much more than an efficient miner of iron ore, to continually add value to the ore we supply so as to meet the strategic demands of our customers with tangible benefits.


To consistently endeavor to meet diverse customer requirements, to stretch our resources and enhance our skills to compete on a global platform in terms of quality, reliability, versatility and support.


To continue to focus on product excellence backed by a holistic commitment to ensure high standards across the supply chain.