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Why Choose Uganda Mining Ltd?

We are one of the most innovative of the small to mid sized mining firms in Uganda

Quick Response

We are dynamic and respond to client's quickly and efficiently

Quality Service

We pride ourselves in our work hence ensure quality services to clients

Modern Technology

We promote the use of modern technology to increase productivity and shorten duration to returns

Meet or exceed deadlines

We are very particular about meeting or exceeding deadlines. We value our reputation so greatly and stake our name on this

Great Satisfaction

We seek to and make it our priority to have our clients and company satisfied with our work

Privay Protection

The mining industry is unique in its nature. Privacy is very important. We strife to great lengths to keep our clients confidentiality and privacy.

Welcome to Uganda Mining Ltd

We are a mining company, mining contractor and a mining consulting firm

We manage our own mining projects, undertake mining contracts and provide mining consultation services for clients

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Uganda Mining Ltd is committed to always providing quality services to clients


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View Some of our current and future Projects. (Due to Covid-19 Many projects have been halted)

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Our team is comprised of experienced and internationally exposed: mining, geology and business professionals whose aim is to deliver productive solutions for our company and our clients.

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